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General Membership Meeting

August 20, 2019

Location: Velma McWayne Santos Community Center - Wailuku



The Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting enjoyed a splendid evening hearing about the travels and orchid adventures of MOS member David Ernisse.  David currently lives in Olowalu and shared photos of his shade house and plants that he displays in his home.  David's long love of flowers drew him to the Maui Orchid Society years ago and after 30 years on Maui - with one long hiatus to sail the world - his passion for flowers has not diminished and his enthusiasm captured the audience.  

Carol Choda kindly shared her knowledge and methods for repotting a vanda using a hybrid brought in by MOS member Karen Tamaki.  Carol and Karen demonstrated the splitting and repotting with tips on how to and how not to grow vandas. Fortunately, Karen's plants were good examples of how not to grow which provided a good reference for new members.

And yes, we once again had repeat winner at the Show and Tell table with Andy Okada taking the Advanced Division with his Den. heterocarpum.  Myrna Fung brought in a Den (no name) to take the Intermediate Division and Sue Kidnay won in the Novice Division with her Ric. Roy Manmoto 'Volcano Queen'.  Members are encouraged to bring their plants to the monthly meetings to share with members on the Show & Tell tables. 

And remember to sign up to volunteer at the next event - Maui County Fair.   Everyone is welcome!

Show & Tell Advanced Division

Andy Okada 

Den. heterocarpum

Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Myrna Fung

Den. No Name

Show & Tell Novice Division

Sue Kidnay

Ric. Roy Manmoto 'Volcano Queen'

Maui Orchid Society Member David Ernisse

tells a story of his time on Maui, travelling the

world and his love of orchids.  

Members are encouraged to send their photos

to include on the website and newsletter to 


Carol Choda provides instruction on how to

split and then repot a vanda.

Ready to get started?

Soak the roots of your plants well.

Step forward to see the demonstration.

Carol shows us a healthy vanda....

Karen's plants need a bit of work for sure.

Cut the roots apart....

Be sure to sterilize the cutters.

And clean pots with 10% bleach before using.

Karen pots with no medium.

Plants will be hanging under shade cloth.

These will need to be watered every 2 days.

And fertilize with 1/4 solution each watering.


Show and Tell photos courtesy of MOS member John Kidnay. 

Mahalo John.

Wow - what a spread! 

Yummy snacks and great fellowship!

Did we catch any of you going for seconds?

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