Maui Fair Orchid Land

Location:  War Memorial Complex
Date:  Thu Oct 6, 2016 -  Sun Oct 9, 2016


Chairpersons:  Bert Akitake, Carol Choda


Co-Chairpersons:  Heidi Farmer, Rose Payba, Andy Okada, Sandi Amaral


The Governor's Trophy - Best in Show went to the exhibitor, Exotic Orchids of Maui for Aerides quinquerulnera 'Exotic Orchids' AM/AOS, CCE/AOS.  The Mayor's Trophy - Reserve Champion for Best Plant from a Hobby (Non-Commercial) Grower went to the exhibitor, Alene Farner for Dendrochilum magnum.  Click here for the Maui Fair Orchid Land Winners of 2016.


Special Awards to Commemorate  The 75th Anniversary of Maui Orchid Society went to Andrew Okada, Tropical Orchid Farm, Sunshine Orchids, Ted Plume, Alene Farner, Exotic Orchids, Andy Fulmer.

Images from 2016 Maui Fair Orchid Land

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2016 "Orchidland - 75 Years of Service and Dedication"


On a Tuesday evening the 4th of March 1941, twenty amateur orchid fanciers, met at the home of Dr. and Mrs. K Izumi, for the purpose of organizing the Maui Orchid Society.  In 1983 the Orchid Society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation.  Today our membership is close to 225 members, from all over Maui County, and the State of Hawaii.

The Maui Orchid Society would like Maui County and the Publics help in celebrating our 75th anniversary, with the exciting and brilliant world of orchids, which will be on display this year at "Orchidland" at the Maui County Fair. 


Don't Miss this vast beautiful natural display of many colorful, exotic and different orchid varieties -- the largest on Maui. The display will be highlighting the many varieties, which were available then and now.  Five days in the making, it will be a true labor of love by the members of the Maui Orchid Society.  Be sure to stop by "Orchidland" in the War Memorial Gym and see the "flowering" of their love and labor.


Judging of the orchids will take place Wednesday, October 5, 2016, before the fair, by our American Orchid Society certified judges.


Information about some of the orchids will be posted in front of the different varieties of orchids, or our knowledgeable volunteers should be available to answer questions that you may have about the growing and enjoyment of orchids.


Escorted tours can be arranged for those interested in learning more about the growth, care, and information regarding the vast varieties of orchids in the orchid family.  Enjoy the beauty of the display, while you visit "Orchidland" and let a volunteer know if we may be of service.

We will also be offering plants for sale during the duration of the fair at our exhibit, so come early and often, join us in the "joys of orchid growing."

"Orchidland" at the Maui County Fair it's a must-see for all!


To find out more about orchids, other events of the Maui Orchid Society, or more information about our organization please visit us at our website


Mahalo to Chairpersons Bert Akitake, Heidi Farmer, Rose Payba, Sandi Amaral, and Andy Okada and all the Maui Orchid Society Volunteers for their hard work and support.


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In 1983, the State of Hawaii incorporated Maui Orchid Society.  By-Laws of Maui Orchid Society, Inc. may be found on the membership page or by clicking on the link.  For details on becoming a member, click here.