General Membership Meeting

September 18, 2018 

Location: Wailuku (Velma McWayne Santos)

 Community Center

MISC presentation regarding invasive species

Speaker:  Jeff Bagshaw encouraging members to be protective of our rainforest; i.e., the need to keep it healthy in order for our native Hawaiian orchids to thrive.

Plants for the General meeting provided by

Ted Plume.  


The Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting was held at the Wailuku Community Center on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, at 6:30 PM.  Abe and Allison of Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) informed about 75 of our attending members of the importance of prohibiting and controlling invasive species.  We can do our share by buying plants from certified nurseries; and if buying plants from off-island, bare root them on that neighbor island before boarding the plane to return home.  Our own "Ranger Jeff" (Bagshaw) spoke on the importance of saving our rain forests that our indigenous orchids (shown below) need in order to survive.  One of the top priorities is to save our Ohia trees from Rapid Ohia Death (ROD), which, as its name implies, is a rapid spreading fungal disease.  Remember not to buy or transport any ohia wood, flower or lei; tree fern products, or other untreated native woods between islands; and to treat your shoes and any camping equipment to prevent the spread of ROD.


Anoectochilus sandvicensis

Liparis hawaiensis

Plantanthera holochila

Anoectochilus sandvicensis

Liparis hawaiensis

Show & Tell Advanced Division

Ayse Kehler

Paph. Chia Hua Dancer

Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Rudy Reed

C. guttata var coerulea 'Exotic Blue' x C. guttata var coerulea 'Exotic Orchids' Colchicine

Show & Tell Novice Division

Stella Medeiros

Rlc. Chie Hattori 'Volcano Queen'


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