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General Membership Meeting

August 21, 2018

Location: Wailuku (Velma McWayne Santos) Community Center

Beginners' Session:  Andy Okada, sharing his IDK and KISS methods of growing orchids.

Speaker:  Tom Mirenda. sharing his visit to Colombia to be part of the Judging Delegation at the Guainia Conference in July 2018.


Plants for the General Meeting provided by Tropical Orchid Farm.


Photos of Andy Okada and Tom Mirenda by MOS member, Sandi Amaral

Conference in Colombia.  He indicated that if anyone is interested in joining him on his next travel to Colombia, to follow him on Facebook to keep informed of his next planned travel.

The Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting started at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, August 21, at the Wailuku Community Center.  Andy Okada brought his "accessories" he uses to maintain his healthy orchids and how he implements his KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) methods as much as possible.   

As much as Tom Mirenda is an interesting and prolific writer, he is a captivating speaker.  He had the audience enraptured with his experiences at the Guainia 

Show & Tell Advanced Division

Andrew Okada

Bulb. lobii 'Maile Mari' CCM/AOS

Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Rosey Tavares

Dendrobium Hibiki 'Tiny Bubbles'

Show & Tell Novice Division

Sister Eva Mesina

Dendrobium Hibiki

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