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General Membership Meeting

June 19, 2018

Location: Wailuku (Velma McWayne Santos) Community Center

Plants for Fund Night provided by

Aloha Aina Orchids

Ted Plume

Sunshine Orchids of Maui


Tropical Orchid Farm

The Maui Orchid Society's June membership meeting is called


It is dedicated to fundraising so we can continue our main objective of educating our members and the public about the orchid culture.

Thank you Andy Fulmer

for chairing the event, and to everyone who donated items and/or participated in Fund Night that made it a success.

Country Store

There were items like fruits, jams, sushi and baked goods; orchid supplies including potting media from Kula Hardware, dolomite lime, net pots. flower clips, and flower pots; gift bags from Tamura's Wine & Liquor; beautiful handmade items; and plants from members' backyards.

Beautifully handcrafted

bamboo plant holders

and pot holders

Wow!  Varying sizes of virgin cork


plastic net baskets with wire hangers

Silent  Auction

This year, there were gift certificates from Marmac Ace Hardware (2), Target, and Walmart; vanilla extract; orchid painting; orchid plants; ceramic pot, pruners and fertilizer from Kula Hardware; and garden decoration from Ki-Hana Nursery.

Jeannette McKay was so happy to win the "Yellow Orchids" painting by President Bert Akitake

Maxillaria caespitifica won by Agnus Groff

Pleurothallis leptotifolia won by Sondi Lopes

Live Auction

The sixteen plants that were auctioned off ranged from hard to find, to awarded plants, to large mature plants.  Regardless, they brought excitement to the house and lots of fierce bidding.

BIG winner of the evening,

Sandi Amaral with her

Ascda. Bartholomew Martin Motes

Anguloa clowesii

'Alex Didio'

Anguloa orchids are nicknamed "tulip orchids"

Won by Martha Suzuki

Thank you organizers:

Jadine Harriman

Stella Medeiros

Martha Suzuki

Thank you

Exotic Orchids of Maui


Tropical Orchid Farm

for your generous

donations of plants


Thank you for your help at Fund Night: 

Bert Akitake, Sandi Amaral, Monica Aursland, Jeff Bagshaw, Alene Farner, Robert Fevella, Gail Gnazzo, Jackie Harp,

Mabel Kinoshita, Jeannette McKay, Sister Eva Mesina,

Barbara Newton, Karen & Jerome Neizman, Andy Okada, Rose Payba, Jocelyn Phillip, Diana Prianto,

Maryetta Sciuto, Vicki Shortell, Julie Shiotsugu, Kathy Stout, 

Jill Sullivan, Rosy Tavares, and Paula Wright

(we apologize if we inadvetently forgot someone,

if so, email us to add-on at

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