General Membership Meeting

October 16, 2018

Location: Wailuku (Velma McWayne Santos) Community Center

Beginners' Session:  Carol Choda, discussing how to pick an award-winning orchid.

Speaker:  Dr. Courtney Hackrey discussing his favorite, Cattleya Alliance and their classic clones.


Plants for the General Meeting provided by

Dr. Courtney Hackrey.


The Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting started at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, October 16, at the Wailuku Community Center.   Carol Choda reminded the members that is not only the number of flowers on the plant, but also its formation and color attributable to its genus and species type.  She brought 3 sample plants to allow members in the crowd to conduct a simulated judging challenge.

Our speaker for the evening was

Dr. Courtney Hackrey, Emeritus Professor of Biology and former Director of Coastal Biology at the University of North Florida.  In 2004, he published American Cattleyas, the culmination of a decade of study and interviews that summarized how all of the modern cattleyas came to be.

His slide show presentation provided an interesting and colorful summary of the content of his book. 


Show & Tell Advanced Division

Karen Neizman

Cattleya Landate 'Charm' BM/JOGA


Show & Tell Novice Division

Marge Kelm

Pleurothallis sonderana


Show & Tell Novice Division

Agnes Groff

Sigmatostalix radicans


Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Stella Medeiros

Two Tied Orchid Plants:

  1)  Dendrobium No Name

  2)  Dendrobium Burmese Ruby 'Lake View'

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