General Membership Meeting

May 21, 2019



The Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting started at 6:30 PM with a hands on demonstration from Andy Okada on how to construct a simple backyard shade house using a piping  and shade cloth.   While Andy was busy with his demonstration, MOS members voted Andy's Maxillaria  tenuifolia as the first place winner in the Advanced Division of Show & Tell.   Agnes Groff took home the winner for the Intermediate Division with her Gram. elegans x
Gram. heiroglyphica and  Tina Martin's win in the Novice Division was with her Blc. Lawless Freischutz x Goldenzelle.  Members are encouraged to bring their plants to the monthly meetings to share with members on the Show & Tell tables.  Everyone is welcome!


Show & Tell Advanced Division

Andy Okada 

Maxillaria  tenuifolia


Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Agnes Groff

Gram. elegans xGram. heiroglyphica 


Show & Tell Novice Division

Tina Martin

Blc. Lawless Freischutz x Goldenzelle


Andy Okada provides a hands on demonstration for members on how to build

a backyard shade house using pipes and 

shade cloth.  Well done Andy!

Members are encouraged to send their photos

to include on the website and newsletter to 


All members are encouraged to send photos to 


Andy Okada provides a hands on demonstration of how

to build a backyard shade house using pipes and shade cloth.

Wow - what a spread! 

Yummy snacks and great fellowship!

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