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General Membership Meeting

September 17, 2019

Location: Velma McWayne Santos Community Center - Wailuku




Do you have 10 favorite orchids?  David Rose, owner/operator of Cal-Orchid in Santa Barbara, California, tells us he has 10 new favorites on almost a daily basis.  At our September meeting, David shared his most recent list of his favorite orchids.  His selection took us around the world from Mexico to Madagascar and encompassed several species and hybrids.  His photos and detailed description of each plant demonstrated his enthusiasm for orchids and hopefully inspired members to come up with their 10 favorites - for now...

Speaking of a demonstration, MOS Members and Maui orchid growers Jeff Parker and Carol Choda offered a beginner's session to show us pests, discuss control and eradication of pest and then how to prepare your plants for an orchid show.

And guess who won Show and Tell's Advance division this month?  Of course it was Andy Okada with his Stanhopea saccata.  Cinaca Lazo took the Intermediate Division with her Blc. Ports of paradise.  What happened to the Novice Division this month?  There were no entries so next time, bring in your plant and you could win. All Show and Tell winners take home a plant.  

And remember to sign up to volunteer at the next event - Orchidland at the Maui County Fair October 3-6.   Everyone is welcome!

Show & Tell Advanced Division

Andy Okada 

Stanhopea saccata

Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Cinaca Lazo

Blc. Ports of paradise

Show & Tell Novice Division

No Entries This Month

Too shy to show your plant?  Don't be.  

Everyone is welcome.  To learn more about Show and Tell, click here

Guest Speaker James Rose from

Santa Barbara California shares his 

ever changing choices for his

favorite 10 orchids.... 

A few pictures from the September General Membership Meeting

Members are encouraged to send their photos

to include on the website and newsletter to 


Jeff Parker and Carol Choda instruct members on how to spot critters 

on plants and how to get plants ready for an orchid show.  

Maui Orchid Society's next show is Orchidland at the 

Maui County Fair October 3-6 

- All members are strongly encouraged to bring plants to the Fair -

Beginner's Session opens with Jeff showing how to find pests on your plants.

Hmmm.... well this plant has a pesty problem.

You have to check the plants closely and use a magnifying lens.

Keep the baggies closed so pests don't escape to infest the Show and Tell plants.

You will need to treat your plants with a pesticide to rid them of pests.

Carol tells MOS members how to prepare their plants for a show.

Now that the plants are pest free, Carol shows members how to get them ready for a show.

Stake the flowers up so that they show easily and remove any damaged leaves.

And now you are ready to bring your plants to Orchidland at the County Fair on September 30.

Photos by 

MOS Member

John Kidnay

Another meeting with some yummy snacks! 

A great way to take a few minutes at each meeting to 

enjoy the fellowship with other MOS members.

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