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General Membership Meeting

November 19, 2019

Location: Kahului Community Center  



Members were treated to an evening with MOS member Mike Blietz, Owner/Operator of Exotic Orchids of Maui.   Mike opened the meeting with a Beginner's Session to introduce and review the art of orchid plant names. Mike provided a nice reference sheet for members (for a pdf copy of the reference sheet, click here).   From there, members moved to the Show and Tell tables where Mike walked members through the orchids on display to provide some background on the plants - were they originate and what climates.  Mike also noted exceptional characteristics about the plants.

Mike was also the Speaker for the evening where he continued with a presentation on his favorite orchid, the Cattleya.  Mike demonstrated how he repots orchids, showing what good plant roots look like and how using a planting medium is not always necessary.  Mike's demonstration showed members that plants are hardy and can take some handling.  Tips included to be sure to cut extra holes at the bottom of the containers, use sterilized cutters to cut all roots, use clean newspaper for each plant and if necessary to use bark, use the very large orchid bark or the extra large bark that can be bought in bags at Home Depot. Mike also shared his watering and fertilizing regime  - he uses 1/4" County water for three times a week (using a rain guage to monitor watering) and fertilizes with each watering. 

Growing orchids for over 30 years, Mike continues to be enthusiastic about his Cattleyas and MOS members are fortunate to be able to have him share his expertise.   


Show & Tell Advanced Division

Jeff Parker, Tropical Orchid Farm

Den. formosum var Giganteum

Show & Tell Intermediate Division

Agnes Groff

Den. nocturnum

Show & Tell Novice Division

Yvonne Bringuel

V. Kultana Violet "Blue Black"

AOS Culteral Merit Award (86 points)

Aloha Aina Orchids

Epi. porpax

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Mike Blietz shows MOS Members how to repot a Cattleya and describes characteristics and origin of various Cattleyas.

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