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General Membership Meeting

April 21, 2020




For April's meeting, MOS members submitted photos and videos of their backyards and balconies.  

D Brown Lahaina

Donna Brown sent in this photo from her home in Lahaina showing a magnificent Grammatophyllum that she  picked up in one of the MOS plant auctions a couple of years ago. 

Bert Waiehu
Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pear

Bert Akitake's Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pear bloomed in Waiehu a few weeks ago.   Beautiful!

Marge Kelm 1.jpg
Marge Kelm Cattleya0533.jpg

Need an idea to display and grow your backyard orchids? Marge Kelm sent in this lovely photo of her wall of orchids grouped with cactus. 

Marge's Cattleya was also blooming pretty and brightens up her collection. 

Mike Feeley gives us a 360 degree view in the video above which is taken in Makawao.  And for a bit of color, Mike sent in this picture of a blooming Cattleya.  Thanks Mike! 

M Feeley Makawao

Karen Tamaki sends in a short 

video from Kihei.  Enjoy!

Members are encouraged to send their photos

to include on the website and newsletter to 

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