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General Membership Meeting

June 2020



BC Maikai Donna Brown

BC Makai sent in by

MOS President Donna Brown

Onc Elegance 'Midas'.jpg

MOS member Alene Farner responded to the request for pictures. 


Here is Wayne - standing between two spikes from her Onc. Elegance 'Midas'.  The tallest spike is 7'3". and the shorter spike is around 7'.  Wayne is 6'4".  These aren't as tall as the one spike she had last year that was over 8' tall but only one spike. 


Alene says that it is nice to have two spikes this year around 7' tall.  


Popcorn orchid in full bloom in Makawao  


Due to Covid-19, Maui Orchid Society July 2020 meeting has been canceled. 

Members are encouraged to send in photos and videos of their orchids for the July webpage.


Email photos and videos to 

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