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  • Wailuku (Velma McWayne Santos) Community Center 


  • Tue June 20, 2017

  • 6:30 PM



  • Blossom Kawahara

  • Andy Okada

  • Yvette Yoshida

  • Martha Suzuki​

Fund Night is a Maui Orchid Society General Membership Meeting dedicated to fundraising.  It's a "members only" fundraiser M.O.S. holds annually in June and our opportunity to raise funds for our club.  All of the profits go directly to Maui Orchid Society.  Our membership dues are kept minimal to encourage participation in the educational, social and conservation programs that we offer. And like most non-profits, our dues do not cover all of our expenses.  Among the items purchased in 2016 are Maui Fair props, updated multi-media equipment, funding speakers from around the world, as well as operating costs such as insurance, office supplies, awards,  storage, and, of course, plants for the monthly raffles.   Members will have an opportunity to not only purchase bingo cards, white elephant treasures, and baked goods, but they are also encouraged to donate plant-related items to the silent auction.  This FUN-FILLED NIGHT is where anything can happen especially if you dress for the occasion.


For 2017, Martha Suzuki provided us with updates all the way up to Fund Night.  In her Update 7 email, she stated, "...thank you all for showing up and making Fund Night a memorable evening. Thank you, volunteers, for your helping hands.  Thank you, members, for all of your donations to the Country Store and for your participation to help subsidize our nonprofit organization. Our next big event is the Maui Fair. So keep giving those orchids tender loving care so that we can present a dazzling display of flowers.  Thank you again. ~ Martha."  Fund Night Flyer Updates 1  Updates 2  Updates 3  Updates 4  Updates 5  Updates 6  Look at the images below to see all the donations provided by members on this fun-filled night.


Images from 2017 Fund Night event at the Wailuku Community Center

Provided by Leslie T. Nagamine  

Click images to enlarge.

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