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  War Memorial Complex


  Thu Oct 5, 2017 


  Sun Oct 8, 2017

  Bert Akitake
  Andy Okada

  Rose Payba

  Martha Suzuki

  Sandi Amaral
  Blossom Kawahara

The Maui Fair Orchidland is Maui Orchid Society's most significant event of the year.  There are over 500 entries and plants on display each year.  Members' are encouraged to contribute their orchids for entry and display.  Their contributions and volunteerism are always appreciated.   


Special thanks to this year's Maui Fair Orchidland committee:  Bert Akitake, Rose Payba, Andrew Okada, Sandi Amaral, Blossom Kawahara, and Martha Suzuki.  They invested many hours of hard work and effort to make this year's Orchidland a success.


The Best in show award went to Carol Choda and Mike Blietz for their plant:  Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS.  The Reserve Champion went to Andrew Okada for his orchid:  Coelogyne pandurata.  The Maui Orchid Society awards winners of the Maui Fair Orchidland monetary prizes at the following General Membership Meeting.   M.O.S. also presents plants to Orchidland volunteers.


This year’s Orchidland was well attended and orchids sales were the saving grace for the small profit that was experienced.



Carol Choda and Mike Blietz

Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS

Andrew Okada

Coelogyne pandurata

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