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Bert K. Akitake

PO Box 2061, Kahului, Hawaii  96733

 808 250 1585


To all Members:


It is an unexpected surprise that I am writing as the acting president of the Maui Orchid Society.


The past president of the society, Jan Porter, has tended her resignation effective October 1, 2016.  This totally unexpected event had left a void in the governance of the society and since the 1st Vice-president was not able to assume the duties for multiple reasons, I have stepped into the position.  I, if you did not know, being the past president. The present vice-presidents (1st and 2nd) have not had much experience in the functioning of the office and the Orchid Society since it will be their first year in their elected office. Therefore their ascendancy to the position of president would have been, like tossing them into the “fire” unprepared.


It was a decision between the present officers, who felt that this action was necessary, in order to maintain a viable and working Maui Orchid Society Board and continue the work now in progress.  I hope at this time the membership is willing to go along with this arrangement, but if there is a problem, please feel free to let your feelings be known.


As you all may or may not be aware, at the November General membership meeting, you will be asked to accept the recommendations of the nominating committee for officers for 2017 year, and vote on these officers at the annual meeting in December, before our annual Christmas party.


I will be assuming this position knowing that there are concerns with the process that was involved, but look forward towards a smooth ending of this year.  Hopefully, we all can work together to make this difficult situation better.  Since we are all volunteers, and willing to give up our time, to the extent possible to maintain our commitment to make the Orchid Society flourish.


Please work with me so that we may continue to build the Maui Orchid Society and continue to enjoy the beauty of the orchids that we love and admire.  


Thank You,

Bert K. Akitake

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