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Presenting Orchids for Judging



The planning and staging of an orchid show entail a great deal of hard work by many people.  It can, however, be futile if exhibitors do not do their part. The exhibits are the show.  You are an exhibitor whether you enter a single plant or stage a 200 square foot exhibit.  As much care and thought should proportionately be given a single plant as to the largest display. Whether you have shown your orchids many times before or this is your first time, the following suggestions will help you prepare your exhibit and enjoy the experience.


  1. Know the setup and judging dates and times.

  2. Do not be deterred from exhibiting because of inexperience.  You can only gain experience by accepting the challenge and doing your best.

  3. Plants for exhibit should receive special attention.  Stake the flower stems of Paphiopedilums during the entire growth process. For Cattleyas, stake and tie the stems before the buds emerge from the sheath.  Stake and spray orchids before buds begin to open.  Do not change the position of any plant after buds are mature.

  4. Wash discolorations using mild soap suds from leaves before exhibiting. Artificial leaf shine products should not be applied.

  5. Pots should be clean or covered.  Decorative pots or baskets may be used.

  6. Water your plants thoroughly before bringing them to the show.

  7. Labels should be large enough to read easily, but not be obtrusive. Proper spelling and abbreviations matter.

  8. Do not wait until the last minute to set up your exhibit.

  9. Do not say of a prize-winning plant, "I have a better one at home." Bring it to the show.  It can't win at home.

  10. Do not expect prizes for flowers just because you is especially fond of them.  Learn the standards set for excellence and the rules of good judging.

  11. By volunteering to be on a judging team, you will gain an understanding of the difficult decisions judges must sometimes make.

  12. Be a good sport and have fun.





  1. No artificial, dyed, altered flowers or plants are permitted.

  2. Flowering plants other than orchids are prohibited.

  3. Misting bottles may be used to LIGHTLY spray plants during a show.

  4. Maui Orchid Society (MOS) will provide green plant identification tags and registration number at the time of check-in.  These tags are to be placed visibly in plants.

  5. MOS will provide a plant registration sheet for the grower to list the # of plants and plant names.

  6. All plants should be properly labeled.  Check the spelling of names in the SANDER’S LIST OF ORCHID HYBRIDS.

  7. MOS will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of any plants or materials.  However, MOS exercises every precaution for their safekeeping.

  8. Leaves or seeds of foliage plants should not detract from the orchid arrangement.

  9. No plants are to be removed before breakdown on Saturday, 4 pm.

  10. All exhibitors and plant owners must be current members of MOS.

  11. All plants must be free of pests and diseases.





  1. All plants must be set up by 5:00pm, Wednesday.

  2. American Orchid Society (AOS) merit and ribbon judging shall commence at 6:30pm on Wednesday.  Decision of the judges shall be final.

  3. Those who do not wish to have their plants judged should indicate on plant registration sheet.  All others must be willing to pay the usual fee for any award given to their plant.

  4. Judges will have the privilege of pointing out any disqualification of nominated plants to the Chairperson(s).

  5. If a flower is apparently immature, it may be disqualified.

  6. Mechanical damage may not disqualify a plant if, in the judge’s opinion, the damage occurred in transport.  If a flower or flowers break off, place said flower(s) in the pot.

  7. Categories will be determined after the Show and Judging Chairpersons have viewed all the plants.

  8. All judges can score in the following categories at their discretion:  First, Second, Third and The Best in Show.

  9. The Best in Show will be determined by secret ballot.


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