This month's General Membership Meeting will be at the Wailuku Community Center on August 16th. At 6:30 Carol Choda is asking all participants from the March Beginners Session to bring your little 2" potted orchid plant for questions and discussion.  The guest speaker is Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids and his talk will be Miniature Cattleyas for the Home Grower.


Also at the August meeting, we will have our first Orchid Division Exchange.  See this month's newsletter Okika No Ka Oi on our membership page for more details.

Show & Tell

Location: Wailuku Community Center
Date:  2016 August 16


Advanced - Jeff Parker

  Orchid Name - Encyclia

Intermediate - Becky Faulkner

  Orchid Name - Bulbaphylum Unknown

Novice -  Blossom Kawahara

  Orchid Name - Trichoglottis philipinesis var.